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How do I create my individual portfolio?
How do I create my individual portfolio?
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Getting started with your new Exo portfolio is simple and only takes a few minutes.

This is how it works:

  1. In order to calculate your risk level, we ask you some questions about your financial situation and investment goals;

  2. We offer you the opportunity to choose your portfolio configuration mode and even select the asset categories you want to focus on (e.g. government bonds, healthcare stocks, commodities, etc.);

  3. Taking your risk level and investment focus into consideration, our algorithms create an optimal portfolio for which you can see the initial asset allocation along with forecasts;

  4. If you're happy with this initial portfolio, you can proceed with the creation of your account and set up your initial deposit.

Once your portfolio has been funded, it is analysed and managed daily depending on market conditions. You can monitor its performance and make changes at any time from the app.

Learn more about performance reports and how to manage your portfolio.

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