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What is a General Investment Account (GIA)?
What is a General Investment Account (GIA)?
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General Investment Accounts (GIAs) offer the opportunity to UK residents to invest their money in stocks and shares portfolios. Our risk management technology and algorithms use ETFs to design your individual portfolio.

ETFs' underlying assets can include:

  • Cash - which includes money in its physical form and in bank accounts;

  • Bonds - government and corporate bonds;

  • Stocks - shares in companies;

  • Alternatives - non-conventional investments, mainly used to further diversify portfolios.

Unlike Individual Savings Accounts, GIAs don't have any deposit limit but are subject to taxes (i.e. tax on dividend, transaction duties and tax on capital gains).

In order to simplify your compliance duties, we provide you with periodic account statements that include all required information about the portfolios you're holding with us.

For more information about tax on investments, please visit We also recommend that you consult with a qualified tax-advisor if you have any specific questions regarding your financial situation.

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