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What is Exo's performance track record?
What is Exo's performance track record?
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Although most experienced investors know that past performance is not indicative of future returns, this cognitive bias is difficult to combat. It is precisely the kind of partial decision-making process that Exo can prevent, thanks to its fully quantitative approach.

Since we do not have model portfolios but create a unique portfolio for every client, we cannot show historic performance directly. Over time we will be able to aggregate all our portfolios' performance to give an idea of how they are performing. However, since Exo was launched in April 2018 it is simply too early to do this meaningfully.

The platform has been developed in partnership with ETS Asset Management Factory, one of Europe's leading quantitative asset managers, founded in 1987. ETS have provided financial institutions with cutting-edge portfolio and risk management solutions for more than 30 years and the Madrid-based company has now more than €14 billion of assets under advice.

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